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In addition to a great workout and all-important “me” time, my body just hurts less and works better than it ever has before in my adult life.

Kelly’s accessibility in between sessions is also astonishing.

I was making at least 4 doctors’ visits a month to get shots and prescriptions for everyday pain management.

It not only affected my work, but also kept me from doing fun things with my kids.

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Private yoga is rewarding and special in many ways.Practicing in my home also allowed me to achieve a deep level of complete comfort and vulnerability that I have found unachievable in a group environment.With Kelly’s instruction and guidance, my yoga reached a level I thought I would only ever dream about.” Julie, 32 Mom & Exercise Physiologist Sarone, Italy Not only does she makes yoga physically accessible by holding sessions at one’s home or office (I’ve done both), but she also makes it conceptually accessible — I finally feel as though I understand what my body is supposed to be doing! Kelly made sure to address both my pregnancy and lower back issues, and her expertise was evident from the beginning.It may be a little biased to say this, but I’ve got the most amazing clients on the planet.Higher Ground’s client base of super-busy women (and a couple of lucky guys) all have something crucial in common: in a way it was not before.

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