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After a great dinner and a lot of dancing in Saigon, her girlfriend had to get home and she lived in the rice paddies just outside Saigon.

The cab stopped on a dirt road and Chi (her name) wanted to go to the farm house to say goodnite to her parents, I wanted to go, but she wouldn't let me, so I waited in the cab with the driver.

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I managed to sneak a look at the truck as it went by and could see it was canvas covered and the back was open and I could see two rows of legs with kaki trousers and feet in sandals.

I had an assignment to the 45th TRS at Misawa AB, Japan, after Vietnam, but in the summer of 1966 that squadron came to me instead, so I wound up with the 315th Air Division at Tachikawa instead, often flying with the C-130 missions around Vietnam. Name: Dan Grace, Dec 28, 2001 URL: Comments: Surfing the net, trying to gather info for a VA claim. A records request yielded no TDY orders and one Travel Voucher for latter tour, but I need more paperwork for DVA.

Was at TSN two tours of TDY from Misawa AB with the RF101Cs. I now live in Australia in a climate just like TSN!

Here are a few names to fill in Ralph's blanks: Bill Katsones, Duck, Ski (Lipinski), Bob Mc Coy. Licciardi, A1C E4 USAF, Det 1, 45th Tac Recon Squadron (PACAF)I was at Tan Son Nhut for over a two year period, from 1964 to Dec 14, 1966 and I took my separation in Viet Nam and flew to Tokyo where I attended Sophia University for four years on the GI Bill.

Thanks Bill Name: Bob Licciardi, Dec 10, 2001 URL: Comments: Great Web Site! I was in Det 1, 45th Tac Recon Squadron (PACAF) and was an Aircraft Mechanic.

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