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However, I think that the Great Milenko is actually an all right cd. There is a message in each of the joker card albums, so obviously the guys have some sort of intelligence.

In case you did not know, The Great Milenko is the fourth in a series of six joker cards. One of the interesting things about The Great Milenko was that it almost wasn't.

He sits in prison for years, but is never visited by his beloved.

She never calls him, she never writes to him, but the only reason he doesn't commit suicide is because he knows that she is out there somewhere, under the moon.

It is not an interesting or funny song, so don't bother. 1.5/5 3) Hokus Pokus This is one of the funnier songs on the album.

It basically about ICP touring and going to parties.

The first one is a redneck trailer cop, the second is a middle class suburban pig, and the last one is, as ICP would say, a rich b****.

This song isn't that funny, but has a cool beat to it.

This song has a moral message, and tells a story, so I give it a 3.5/5 8) Under The Moon When it comes to ICP, I don't get to say that many songs are beautiful.One of the lines from the song that has some sort of moral is "People in my city, they're fighting for their meals.He sleeps on a mattress stuffed with hundred-dollar bills." This song is okay, but not that good. The bass is dark and haunting, which is rare for ICP.Everybody is happy, and everyone seems successful, but then everything stops. Had they not abused their children and actually cared, these illusions could have been true."Back to reality: your son's on crack, and your daughter's got nut-stains on her back.

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