Compiz title bar not updating

mode works well if the VNC viewer is run on a Unix/Linux machine with a similar keyboard.But if I run the VNC viewer on Unix/Linux with a different keyboard (e.g.You will be able to move the mouse but not click or type.

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Color problems: Why are the colors for some windows incorrect in x11vnc?in the same place you will be typing (or otherwise running) x11vnc.If information is printed out about the X display (screen sizes, supported extensions, color visuals info) that means the X11 permissions are set up properly: Speaking of permissions, it should go without saying that the host-level firewall will need to be configured to allow connections in on a port. 5900 (default VNC port) or 22 (default SSH port for tunnelling VNC.) Most systems these days have firewalls turned on by default, so you will actively have to do something to poke a hole in the firewall at the desired port number.Q-5: Hopefully the build steps above and FAQ provide enough info for a painless compile for most environments.Please report problems with the x11vnc configure, make, etc.

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