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Keywords: Diaphragmatic hernia, endoscopic surgery, laparoscope, neonate How to cite this article: Lishuang M, Yandong W, Shuli L, Cuiru F, Yue Z, Ying W, Yanxia Z, Bin S, Jingna L, Long L.

CDH is one of the most critical illnesses addressed in neonatal surgeries worldwide.

An interrupted suture using 2–0 Prolene thread was used to close the diaphragmatic hiatus from the interior to the exterior along the longitudinal axis (left–right direction) of the hernial ring [Figure 2].

The forceps were then removed, and the incisions were closed [Figure 3].

The conditions of the organs in the thoracic cavity were also determined by imaging.

Echocardiography was performed before surgery to evaluate cardiac function and identify any pulmonary hypertension and cardiac defects.

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