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Mass-market chatbots are a relatively new thing in North America.

Besides Facebook's big recent chatbot push, other messaging apps like Kik (which is based here in Canada) and Telegram are working on their own chatbot infrastructure.

But if we want a preview of what mainstream bot usage might look like, we need only look to markets like China with We Chat, or Japan with LINE, where chat and messaging services are used for much more than communicating with friends and colleagues.

These apps, and the bots that live within them, are used for paying bills, buying things and playing games.

As a parent who's trying to teach his kids good manners, he worries about technology that let you boss it around.

Amazon's Echo speaker features a voice-recognition system called Alexa that is designed to control Pandora, Amazon Music and Prime Music services as well as give information on news, weather and traffic.

For instance, there's a weather chatbot called Poncho. But if you're rude to Poncho, it will call you out and ask for an apology.And we don't know if technology that tolerates poor manners translates into rude kids.But she did say we should be cautious about this, especially when it comes to children, because they're still developing behavioural patterns.Hotchickee45: Hey Guys wanna see me play with myself and my freinds? xcopcv22: fuck you bot Hotchickee45: Hey Guys wanna see me play with myself and my freinds?

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