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The two went off to university together They had decided where and had the grades and SAT scores. They knew each other so well they expected no problems. Boys hit on Pauli often and mostly crudely, telling her the sexual acts they wanted to do with her. I'm Paulette." She extended her hand and they shook. To Pauli, it seemed so gentle compared those from the guys she had kissed. She had known her fair share of bitches and cruel girls in high school. She has missed you as much as I missed Ash." "Yes, Momma. Try to be strong for her -- she will need all the support you can give her." "Ash, will you take me home please? Your mom has been great, taking her to the doctors and for tests." They pulled up in front of the Aston house. She knew Pauli was not intolerant or homophobic -- she had said so many times. But I somehow want to help both of them and you, too.

They had several classes together since they had to fulfill the core classes. She would often come back from classes and slam her books down, cursing them. Ash was not approached by men very often, which suited her fine. She had had a few lovers and found no problem climaxing with them. The three walked to the meeting, Lisa in a skirt and sweater. I've got to talk with my mom and see how I can help her." No one had noticed how upset Ash was -- she was weeping with her head bowed. I can't see to drive right now." Then she started bawling in earnest. Pauli rushed to her and gave her the succor that Karen had provided her. When Ash got back home, she found her mother sitting at the kitchen table with her face in her hands. I sometimes forget how close we all are, sweetheart. So maybe we can find somewhere to buy one." "Sure, Mom.

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When the girls were in middle school, the Martins moved seven blocks away, but the girls were still in the same school. Ash knew she could never tell her best friend who she coveted -- Pauli would run. When Pauli got home, she was very upset the date had not gone as she had hoped. The girls heard her say, "Oh, shit, Connie." But the rest of the conversation was muffled. Come here." The mother held out her arms to the devastated girl. I don't even know my dad but he wouldn't help us anyway.

She would hold the crying girl and sooth her until she got herself back under control. They would dance with each other and have a good time. The girls watched out for each other all the time, Ash more so than her roomie. She knew it would be hard so she had to have top grades. " She peeked in and saw the answer to her question. Pauli did get approached on her way to the restroom. It was a ploy to give Ash and Lisa some alone time. She did text Ash asking her to text her when they were done. She had time to get a lot of work done so she was well ahead in all her classes. Luckily, two other guys ran him off and made sure she got home safely. When they got to her door, Ash opened it and recognized the guys. It's a little late for her to be out walking, and she was hassled by a drunk." Paulette, who had been frightened by the whole incident, added, "I was studying at the library and lost track of time. " Ash saw that she was shivering in fear and pulled her in, waving good-bye to her gay friends. I guess I should have asked for an escort to bring me home." Ash felt her friend's arms tighten around her. When Pauli finally calmed down, they got ready for bed. As Ash was dropping off her friend, Pauli ask her to come in and say hello. She had realized that this could be her last holiday with her mother and both were going to cherish it. She had to do her best, and her worries went away for a while when she was studying.

They were best buddies and told each other their plans. The two were boring to their dorm mates, who loved to party, but they were willing to put that off. At about 10 she got a text saying the coast was clear. The dinner consisted of turkey, both white and dark meat, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie. She told Paulette that she was also the executor of her will. As Christmas break approached, she blistered her finals. They had to wait to leave for break, as Ash had a final the day after Pauli's last. She would have Ash come over Christmas morning to present the photo.

Her mother was a romantic softy, so this idea was perfect. Pauli used a Sharpie to sign the photo For my Mother. The girls did another for Ash's father, Scott, who was the father figure for both of them.

The girls signed another of the photos in the same fashion for Karen.

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