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If you like laser tag at all, don’t miss out on this excellent chance to take the game to a whole new level!As an added bonus, many of the actors, because yes, the game is stocked with real zombies, come from local turf at the Fear Factory.Set to be featured on Saturday are celebrities such as John Barrowman and Stephen Amell of “Arrow,” Leonard Nemoy, who played the original Spock on “Star Trek” (available via Skype), Charisma Carpenter of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Barbara Eden of “I Dream of Genie,” among others. Feel free to nerd out with other fans on your favorite topics.

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Reason #5: Sci-Fi Speed Dating As Salt Lake Comic Con aptly puts it on their website, “Are you single and tired of looking for love in Alderaan places? Are you ready for the love you deserve, not the love you need? ”This is the second annual Sci-Fi Speed Dating event hosted by Ryan Glitch, star of IGN Start’s “Geek Love,” and it’s set to be just as epic, if not more so, than last year’s event. Just jump the Trax (which are free in that area anyway), catch the Salt Lake Comic Con shuttle bus or mosey on down to 165 S. and the Gateway Megaplex Theaters to get your fill of cinema magic. with “Owned,” an animated short by Brigham Young University’s Animation Studios. Reason #3: Odyssey Dance Theatre’s "Thriller"Everybody likes good deals, and the deals don’t get much better than this!

Our ghost hosts from Sy Fy and local investigative teams will guide you as you creep through the towering silos, towers, and pitch-black tunnels of the Fear Factory.”Located at 666 W.

800 South in Salt Lake, Fear Factory is an abandoned factory building with quite the paranormal history.

For just for adults ( for subsequent visits) and for children, you can load up at the artillery base, get a couple head shots in at the practice area then face your fears in attempt to save civilization as we know it: defeat the zombies taking over the city before they defeat you!

According to business owner Jeanie Burdi, “This is how you beat your fears.”At least that’s what she told us as we gathered our guns and prepared for battle.

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