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18 At Mc Gill University, he was president of the debating society. "Each time we met, we felt that it was a landmark in the history of thinking, let alone poetry." 20 Cohen was a poet and novelist before he was a pop star.

He published his first volume of poetry at 22, and won a ,000 scholarship to travel around Europe when he was 25.

27 Singing it in concert decades later, he sometimes found the emotions hard to unearth.

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His vocals have gone from a limited but appealing wail to a heroically smoky rumble. 13 Cohen's maternal grandfather, a rabbi, wrote a 700-page thesaurus of Talmudic interpretations.

He played six or seven, and Hammond said: "You got it".

Cohen never worked out whether he meant he had a contract or merely a gift.

14 His father, who was in the garment trade, died when he was nine. 16 His first band, formed when he was 17, was called the Buckskin Boys.

17 In his high-school yearbook, he gave his ambition as "world-famous orator".

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