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We all know that we can't have functions, classes or any other kind of data that have the same name.Let's say that we have two libraries that both add a function, let's say print().If we say using namespace std; then we say: If we come across an object name that doesn't exist in our current namespace, check if there exists a namespace std in which it does exist, and use that object.Thus, it doesn't really add a function, it is the include that "loads" cout, cin, endl and all the like.Consider a situation, when we have two persons with the same name, Zara, in the same class.

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The param in is for switching between UTC and local time. The ffead-cpp provides multiple utility classes for various tasks, one such class is the Date class which provides a lot of features right from Date operations to date arithmetic, there's also a Timer class provided for timing operations. For example, if the only part of the std namespace that you intend to use is cout, you can refer to it as follows − Names introduced in a using directive obey normal scope rules.The name is visible from the point of the using directive to the end of the scope in which the directive is found.Entities with the same name defined in an outer scope are hidden.A namespace can be defined in several parts and so a namespace is made up of the sum of its separately defined parts.

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