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Vincent Crescent, Stobcross Depot, Mosesfield, Provan Gasworks, (Buchanan Street), Bridgeton Central, Gallowgate, St. I have also added site visit details for ' East/West Midlands & Highgate tunnels' and for Oldham tunnels, both from October 2009.John Street, Ladywell, London Road, ' London Road Station', ' Beardmore Street Double', ' Beardmore Street Single', Bowling, ' Maxwelton Crossroads', ' Carstburn Down', Balwhirley ' North', Balwhirley ' South', Inverkip Road, Union Street, West Station, Trafalgar Street, ' Lyndoch Street Mainline', ' Lynedoch Street Goods'.: Port Mulgrave and Midland Ranger Tunnels Walk site visits added. I would highly recommend Highgate (West) to the photographers amongst you, there are two single bore tunnels which still contain sleepers and cable hangers as well as other frame filling interest!

If you spot anything please let me know - whether it is a broken link, a strange symbol in the text, or anything else. : I have, today, accepted a job to set up a Signalling team for a big multinational in Adelaide, Australia. Two perfect jobs came along at once and one had to be discarded. It came down to family lifestyle and the best future for the kids over my own selfish reasons to stay in the UK (the Chippenham job... The tunnel database has not progressed any further.

Pais Vasco, or the Basque Country, has a unique identity thanks to the strong Basque culture, often seen in its passion for food, especially tapas, and wine; and amongst its rural and coastal beauty are cities such as the vibrant and energetic Bilbao and cultured San Sebastian with its Michelin star chefs.

Pais Vasco (the Basque Country) is one of the most industrialized regions of Spain but it is still a land of lush green countryside, magnificent mountains and brilliant blue seas - there are many areas of nature that are almost untouched, especially the natural parks of Valderejo, Urkiola, Urdaibai and the magical landscapes along the Guernica river.

Adelaide is a beautiful city but there is not enough work here to keep me interested(! I'm going to get in touch with 'Dave' at the imaginatively named wine storage facilty and ask if I can have a look inside before I go.

If not I'll at least visit the portals and put some pics on here.

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