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Name: Laurence Lando Email: square Years_at_school: 1957 -Date: Time: It is with much regret that I have learnt of the passing of Mr David Baker. Whilst at school, David was a good friend to me, when I needed the presence of a 'father figure'. Name: Michael Schwartz Email: Years_at_school: 1965- 1972Date: Time: Pete - I note your comment that an obituary for Fred Bilson appeared in The Guardian. Name: Peter Ward Email: peter.Years_at_school: 1958 - 1963Date: Time: Interested in Ted Troll's comments.

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One respondent is grumpy and loses the plot whilst another seems to think I am the Invisible Man.

Laughter, even the merest snigger, will not be permitted at meetings with perpetrators sent immediately into purgatory.

Those wishing to join the SS must have been through the rigours of Simpson's Academy for Dull Folks in which youthful liveliness was systematically squeezed out, leaving dull, grumpy, sensible inmates mature ahead of their time.

School photos were taken early in the new school year.

My father combined holidays with business so our family often came back in SEPTEMBER, a few days lat E.

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    This clearly means that they’re not interested in you for anything other than sex.

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    I was born a female but sadly with a sexual characteristic that when seen identified me as a boy. I am tired of seeing "real incest" and when you click on it, it is clearly staged. As it turns out, the father is WAY older than the mother and they never have sex. I've only ever read about this kind of shit on here.