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“Our members are not a problem because I can communicate with them and they understand – my worry is the six guys in a minibus who call in and are looking for a club to join.“My belief is that anyone turning up at any time of day and at any time of year should find a playable surface, so the challenge is to come up with a maintenance regime around the golfing calendar and if that means coming in on a Sunday at 5pm to aerate then we do it.That level of customer service is invaluable to us and is why we go back to Lister Wilder again and again.”The nine-strong greenkeeping team, mostly recruited by James, shares his passion for high standards and his ambition to see a top-level competition at Royal Cinque Ports in the near future.James ensures that everyone on the team is given a chance to develop knowledge and skills.They are not a problem in summer, and stimpmeter readings as high as 13.6 are evidence of the speed that is achieved.

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He implemented a modification to the hopper, adding vibrators on each side, to help move the wet material down.The DS3800 has transformed the job, saving a lot of back-breaking effort and shaving around two hours off the process.The Rink DS3800 broadcast top dresser, manufactured in Germany and distributed in the UK by Charterhouse, has dual spinners producing a spreading width of up to 12m.The club has tried a variety of drainage techniques over recent years and has also invested to date in five new greens to USGA spec.Four of the original push-up greens overly chalk and drain well, meaning that today’s emphasis is on the four push-ups with clay beneath.

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    At Kleiner Perkins, former partner Ellen Pao says partners countenanced harassment and retaliation from a fellow partner, and excluded women from client dinner parties because they “kill the buzz.” At Tinder, a male co-founder (and ex-boyfriend) sent abusive texts and yanked co-founder Whitney Wolfe’s title because, she alleged, he told her having a woman on a board “makes the company seem like a joke.” Tinder and CMEA settled under confidential terms within months.