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They won't take down Paterno's statue, but can they at least put a blindfold on it for historical accuracy?

And Now, Let's Get Awkward With ' Around ...

"When Nick Foles is having to hold the ball," explained Collinsworth, "you can see it, the more tape you watch on Nick Foles, where it's not there right away and he starts to run, he tends to drop those eyes and lose focus down the field, and sacks come." Collinsworth's narrative continued throughout the rest of the game.

You might even guess something like Monday Night Raw.

He understands that." Jaworski went to say that Foles' vision is actually a significant strength, as opposed to the weakness that Collinsworth sees. You have to be able to see the field, see where defenders A lot of quarterbacks will throw the ball up because they don’t see where the defenders are, so they just throw the football.

(Foles) looks for open spaces where he can lead a receiver where a defender is not in the area. It’s an attribute that we talk very little about when we discuss quarterbacks.

But there are some guys, they just stare guys down, and defenders run right to the football. It’s going to be a raucous crowd." "Drew Brees struggles in rough, inclement weather. He doesn’t have an Aaron Rodgers kind of arm, a Matthew Stafford kind of arm. There’s more surface for the wind to hit the ball and move the football.

Nick is not that kind of guy." Jaworski was also asked about the Eagles' next opposing QB, Drew Brees, and he is of the opinion that Brees struggles in outdoor conditions. He doesn’t throw that real tight, spinning spiral, so the wind is going to affect that kind of ball, and it also moves the ball.

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