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Tim and I have talked about this — and we’ve talked to the writers about it and Jeff Eastin, our creator. What’s Elizabeth’s take on all the Peter/Neal drama this season? That would be a lot of eye candy in one episode of TV.

Their priorities are themselves and their careers — and that’s okay. It would be really fun to have Mark-Paul [Gosselaar] on the show, but that would be really hard because he’s working on his show []. He’s a great guy, and he would blend very well with the rest of the guys on the show.

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Yes, some people may judge, the same way they may judge the type of purse you carry or the type of car you drive, but do not let them get to you. Is there room for career growth or promotion potential?

It’s the one where Peter goes undercover and does speed dating — “Veiled Threat.” It was great. They’ve been married for more than 10 years and they really, truly are each other’s best friend. I think there’s a part of Neal that admires and secretly wants that white picket fence. So for him to come on the show was really comfortable and fun for him.

Is that the one with the second wedding at the end? He just doesn’t know how to get that, and [Elizabeth] knows that. He has a relationship on the show with Sara, which you’re seeing, but that plays out for a while. He works with everybody but me, which is hilarious. Were you nervous about him coming into your domain? He actually goes after Matt and has a fist fight with Sharif [Atkins] on the show.

Whether that is digging ditches or laying asphalt or hauling garbage or sweeping floors or welding or being a doctor or a policeman or a mechanic or an engineer or a designer or a restaurant manager or a bartender.

His background was blue collar, but his 34 dating 27 was white-collar.

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