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If you find that is the case, you can simply adjust the individual backlight brightness controls to obtain a matching result.Please understand that because of these variables, we cannot guarantee a perfect match.

If you decide to pay by check, please make check payable to STERA, Inc.We have listened to our viewers and are very happy to announce that a that is designed to match the ventral in both size and image quality.However, since the backlight technology has evolved over the years (from fluorescent bulbs to LED's) and the transparencies are now made digitally rather than photographically, it is possible that the density and color of the new Dorsal view may not perfectly match the density and color of the earlier Ventral versions.In fact, once you unpack the frame, you simply attach your own hanging wire, hang it up and plug it in.These custom made Transparencies in Photo Glow® Frames can now be powered by either 120 or 240 volt power mains so we can now take international orders (but you will need to separately purchase a local mains adapter).

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