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This action-packed video features 36 different women pissing in a shopping center public restroom, captured by a daring voyeur cameraman peeking over the stall walls. Plops and hissing farts are heard after 3 minutes into the clip. Audio is heavily compressed, but pissing and plop sounds are audible. A mature, redheaded woman wearing glasses takes a piss and a shit while sitting on a toilet. After a lot of straining, pissing, farting and some pooping sounds are heard. An attractive, dark-haired, European girl takes a piss and a shit in 3 different outdoor locations. There appear to be a few pooping scenes, but audio is not perfectly clear. A hidden camera captures 28 different girls using a toilet in a campus public restroom.

Great sounds if you like diarrhea and assorted plops, but not much is seen except for her fat legs and hips. A daring cameraman records at least 30 different women taking shits and pissing into a primitive outhouse latrine at a music festival in Russia. A pretty blonde woman is recorded by a hidden camera as she takes a piss and a shit while sitting on a toilet. There are also several shitting scenes with audible plops. This appears to be a genuine voyeur movie featuring about 20 different girls pissing and/or shitting while sitting on a toilet.

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