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According to the trade publication Comics Retailer, in 1997 the comics industry took in a monthly average of million, not counting paperback-bound reprints; last year, that number fell below million.

But, even more troubling for the industry, the number of specialty stores has been dwindling for years.

Ugly God moved around a lot as a kid, from Indiana to Mississippi to Cleveland to Houston to Louisiana.He started rapping while enrolled at the University of Southern Miss.He first rapped as Pussy Bacon, a nom du guerre he was forced to retire once his parents found out about it. We asked Ugly God to meditate on his strengths and weaknesses as an artist."I make beautiful-ass beats but my fucking lyrics is trash," he replied. I think my beats save my music, honestly." Despite this harsh bit of self-criticism, he expressed no desire to evolve his methods.Later, he denied having a foot fetish, though he did say that toes are one of the main criteria by which he evaluates potential sexual partners.

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