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As well as enabling Intel to break further barriers in terms of pure liflegahertz, the new BBUL technology will also allow for massive computing power to be unleashed in a very small space, such as in a car dashboanj.With the ongoing conflict between themselves and AMD likely to continue, both parties are certainly going to require as much innovation as possible in order to stay ahead.To keep everyone happy, it's fully customisable and there's even a variety of built-in energy-saving functions.O VIA is making a minor comeback in the unforgiving world of PC processors with their upcoming 'Pentium 4 clone', codenamed the CZA. ^' WT architi^ctirksa:' JOURNEY, YOU HAVE TO GQ CK TO ITS BEGINNING % 1 ; coming. and Miey're close." CIIIIISril US2IIOI#1t OPCZONE 15 BULLETIN TECH HEAD Napster gives birth to a new generation, while Intel bump up their IVIHz O ELECTRIC DREAMER Carlos Ruiz THE FAST TRACK MP3 buccaneers are Iceeping one step ahead of the game espite the Itl AA's success in effectively shutting down the Napster network, there is now a greater level of peer-to- peer sharing of copyrighted music than when Napster was at the peak of its popularity.For these er sharing and other reasons, file-sharing networks such as Napster Fastl Vack arc set to become even bigger in years ser base has to come, and they inevitably represent the future of data transfer on the Internet.The smaller and faster they are, the faster the processor will be.Intel is at the forefront of the field In this respect, having demonstrated the world's fastest transistors earlier Conventional procossors will be left for dead in a few years' time.

This illustrates perfectly the challenges facing the recording industry, and the inherent problems that must be overcome if copyrighted music is to become truly protected.

For more information on The RIAA has become Fasl T^ack, see vvww.increasingly desperate in their attempts to halt the march of the ised with no file-sharing systems, and they even attempted shut down. - Ka Za A, anti-terrorism bill that would have allowed are very them to legally hack into consumer systems iked, bring and delete copyrighted files.

Fortunately, this was promptly thrown out the window, and the same bill ironically makes computer cracking eeded a terrorist act.

When are the charts gonna be full of mindless, 1 8-rated action like the good old days?

Everything's gone all posh and normal, Dandy_Flugle ml Mi Ml Wl Once again, PC ZONE an6 Virgin have teamed up to give you ttie chance to win every game in the current Top 1 0.

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