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The Baseline Long-Block All the testing in our stories was done with the old Mc Clelland short-block rebuilt by JMS Racing Engines.

The combo is as basic as it can get and easily duplicated.

Both Eddie units were dual-planes, and both TA castings were single-planes.

Interestingly, we inspected the two Edelbrock intakes and the only difference we could see in them was the shape of the carb pad and the fact that the Performer places the carb about 3/8 inch rearward as compared with the B4B.

The heads we used are the stock, reconditioned units from TA Performance, and they use the Stage 1 valve sizes of 2.125/1.750 inches.

The regular production 455 heads are the same casting as Stage 1 heads but use smaller 2.00/1.625 valves; TA uses the ’74-and-earlier castings and opens up the valve size, just as the factory did.

Small Cam, Dual-Plane Intakes Our first round of dyno tests used the TA Performance hydraulic flat-tappet cam known as the TA-212.

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The Buick 455s were launched in 1970 with 10.0:1 to 10.5:1 compression, but that fell to 8.5:1 in 1971 and then to 8.3:1 before the engine was discontinued after the ’76 model year.Presumably, this is so the Performer will line up the carb with a factory GS hoodscoop.The dyno also couldn’t see a difference between the Performer and the B4B, as they performed identically pull after pull, thereby blowing the old Buick bench race talk that the B4B is a better intake.The Fel-Pro Performance PN 1125 head gaskets have 4.385-inch bores and a 0.041-inch compressed thickness.Work those numbers with the 70cc chambers in the iron heads used this month and the compression ratio is just 8.77:1.

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