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Commenting in the report, David Fairbairn-Day, the head of education strategy and business development at Promethean, said in the past "spending on technology was misplaced", as little was done to make sure teachers knew how to properly use the equipment.

"In parts of the country, I see schools putting in policies for every student to have access to a tablet," he said. Promoting the effective use of technology has become even more relevant now, following a new global study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which found that more digital devices in schools did not mean better performance.

He said: “The Government got complacent after the recession [in 2010].

Secondary school rolls were falling so we didn’t need so many teachers; we were coming to the end of the high spot of teacher retirements and we had all those people who wanted to come into teaching because there weren’t any others jobs available.

When taught brilliantly, maths is easy and beautiful. Mathematics is not just any old subject, it is a language, it’s the language of commerce, industry, finance, science, engineering, the internet, communication and all technology.

It’s such an important subject that a First World society cannot afford to teach it to any other standard than first class. But equally, if you don’t understand it, doors will slam shut.

That was always the risk.”The way in which the top candidates are recruited has also undergone significant change in the past year, with fewer entering teacher training institutions and more being recruited directly by schools.

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There is a similar problem with physics, where courses have attracted 386 fewer recruits than in 2012, while other key subject areas such as modern foreign languages and English are in a similar position.Brian Lightman, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “We’re very concerned about [the shortage of maths and science recruits].The sort of feedback we’ve got from our heads is that recruitment directly to schools has been very, very patchy across the country.”Under the new arrangements, schools can either recruit trainees or take on salaried staff who are aiming to switch careers, but Mr Lightman said the calibre of some of those seeking to switch was “very variable”.“We’re seeing big gaps in recruitment – particularly in the Stem subjects,” he added.More than 100,000 secondary school pupils will be taught maths and science by teachers untrained in the subjects because of a chronic shortage of new recruits, education experts will warn today.They predict the shortfall in expertise will discourage sixth-formers from studying the disciplines – which have been identified by the Education Secretary Michael Gove as “national strategic priorities” – at A-level.

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