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Consequently, you may be less likely to commit to the people who you do decide to follow up on because you know there are hundreds of others out there, should this match prove flawed.

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Online dating services are not only convenient, but they also have the apparent advantage of using systematic methods to match us with the partner of a lifetime.To find out how best to use online services, we first have to examine their strengths and weaknesses.Finkel and his collaborators critique the three main areas in which online dating services claim to be superior to the offline, or old-fashioned, way of meeting people in person.When their expectation doesn’t match reality, they are then more disappointed than they would be if they had met the person earlier on in the relationship.This process is exacerbated by the tendency that people have to disguise their flaws either by bending the truth or lying outright about their age, their job, their background, or even their marital status.

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