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I reached out to internet hackers, activists, and other victims. Charlotte Laws, a renowned cyber harassment and revenge porn activist, who referred to cyber harassment as “the new frontier for women and feminists.” Known as the “Erin Brokovich of revenge porn,” she began fighting cyber harassment in 2012, after her daughter’s computer was hacked and a personal photo was posted on a pornographic website.

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The other expressed concern, telling me how awful my situation must feel and encouraged me to contact authorities – before asking me to send him a naked photo as a thank you.

I asked her about her experience and told her about mine.

“Cyberspace has been a men’s club for a long time,” she told me.

It’s the perpetuation of rape culture through technological advance. Laws that I had begun shutting down my online presence.

I removed my picture and professional information from Linked In, and made sure my other social media profiles were set to private. Build it up.” Slowly, I began to take social media accounts off of their private settings and got back to work creating more content to help bury the Craigslist ads.

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