Gta iv dating walkthrough match and dating and nigerian

After this you’ll be able to take on taxi missions to earn extra money.LITTLE JACOB’S MISSIONS Jamaican Heat Pick up little Jacob and take him where he wants. Concrete Jungle This is your first chance to do some in-car shooting, but it’s just as easy to run Little Jacob’s competitors over.Chase him in car, across rooftops, stamp on his hands or let him go. Uncle Vlad Head to Comrades but park your car out back and equip a shotgun.Pop the bodyguards, sprint through the doors, drive out front and make sure you pick up Roman, then follow Vlad.Just take it to the destination, and watch it blow from a distance. STORY MISSION Killing Faustin Before taking on this mission, answer Dimitri’s text to find a bulletproof vest behind the bins. Shogtun everyone, through the alley, up the staris.Wait for him to get to the roof, then you can do him as he pops out. BRUCIE’S MISSIONS Logging On This is your introduction to the internet café.You’re going to have to fight the people beating him up, but try to only take on one at a time, or you’ll get surrounded.

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You need to watch out for trucks swerving around in the road in front of you, but the trickiest part of this mission is losing the police attention you’ll get from running through toll booths.Just watch out for the loan sharks and phone Roman when they arrive. Call Roman and he’ll tell you to buy some clothes – just don’t spend too much, because money’s tight at the moment. We’re not sure if you need to win, but she’s so hopeless at bowling that you probably will anyway. After this, you can call her anytime to set up another date.Bleed Out Go and find Roman on the basketball court.When his gang turn up in the park, dismount at a distance from them, and use trees as cover while you shoot them all. Rigged To Blow Here Faustin’s given you a truck rigged with a bomb.Drive carefully, because one or two knocks will make it explode.

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