Carbon dating art forgery spirituality and dating

It was with this in mind that I read, in renowned art forger Shaun Greenhalgh’s memoir, .And that he modeled it on a girl named Sally whom he knew back in the 1970s.In 2015, I gave a talk on art forgery at the Albertina in Vienna.

The book was rebound circa 1800 (a factor that may prove important).It’s a clever move for an attention-hungry, convicted art forger to make.It prompted a momentarily panicked check on the Klees in the collection, but it was quickly clear that they were all authentic.And then there were works created not by Leonardo but by his studio—apprentices, students, assistants. From a connoisseurship standpoint, this work just doesn’t look that good.It looks a level down from Leonardo, an A- where Leonardo is an A .

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