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More specifically, the game was played with an even number of participants on two teams, evenly split between genders, and was typically engaged in a location that would remain secret to all except to the currently engaged players.

It was comprised of four blank decks–so named , was simply a deck made up of the names of all participants in the current game set.

These cards were charmed to create a magically binding contract with anyone who signed their name to them; once you accomplished that, you were bound to play the current game set to its completion–much like in that way, Hermione thought.

The signatory release also bound you to an Oath of Secrecy; in effect, you were gagged from talking about the specifics of what happened in the game with any outsiders.

Characters are OOC (out-of-character), and I'm taking " fic, but decided to scrap. Can the will and courage of a pride of lions overcome the cleverly seductive nest of serpents for the last time, before everyone graduates?

This set of cards was made up of suggested 'rewards' for the players who showed remarkable courage in answering the questions put to them, and because this "compensation" was determined by the players themselves in advance, the card drawn could vary between something as simple as a foot massage to something a little more risqué, such as claiming a kiss from your partner, to the full kit and caboodle of engaging in full-on sex with your partner.

Draco challenges Harry and friends to play EROS & PSYCHE, a scandalous card game with a dark, mysterious history. The Room of Requirement was discovered by the Weasley twins years back, and now all of the students know about it (they keep it a secret from the teachers and Filch, obviously).

Years five, six and seven were filled with regular teenage angst stuff for our cast.

photobucket albums / ac260 / RZZMG / Eros Psyche this Saturday night in the Room of Requirement, pitting his Housemates against the Gryffindors?

She snorted in partial amusement, partial incredulity. Clearly, Malfoy wanted to get even for losing the Quidditch House Cup this last weekend, their last game of their high school experience.

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