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One can now purchase flavored condoms (usually at a condom specialty store or over the Internet) in dozens of flavors, and the newer polyurethane (plastic) condoms have virtually no taste at all.

One can also drizzle syrup to overcome the latex taste.

Teens & Families Raising Teens Issues & Dealing Communication Problem Teens Types of Parents Divorce Single Parents Teen Problems Drugs & Alcohol Relationships Teen Dating Pregnancy Safe Sex Body Image Teen Schooling Teen Jobs Teen Magazines Teen Books Teen Activities is when one person uses their lips, mouth and tongue on and around the penis and scrotum.

It is most commonly referred to in the slang terms 'blow job' or 'giving head', or the more precise term, 'felatio'.

I just can’t say enough how f*cking awesome oral is.” – “I felt the incredibly smooth and gentle sensation of his tongue on my lips.

Also, one should never perform oral sex on someone known to have an STD, or where one can see sores or warts anywhere in the genitals region.Positive Consequences: Oral sex can be an excellent alternative to full sexual intercourse, providing it is done safely.The primary benefits are that of providing pleasure to another person, and positive self-esteem from knowing that you are focusing on and giving pleasure to your partner (one step towards making you a good lover).Another risk is the ingestion of blood and semen (even minute amounts) into the soft tissues inside the mouth and throat.The third risk is where there is immediate contact between the mouth or tongue and fecal matter (including bacteria) when performing analingus - though this can be avoided by insuring the area is thoroughly cleaned before having sex, especially with an antibacterial soap.

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