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One of the objectives of the changes made over the last year, is working to improve the ongoing viability of the member clubs.

Since the last newsletter all clubs financial results have been reported to their members which in the main were very positive.

Programmes cannot be provided to suit every horse all the time, but are designed to cater for most on about a two week cycle.

Therefore, to think that programmes should suit any horse every week is impracticable and unreasonable.

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Old Davey Todd used to duck shoot over home with my grandfather. He was a good old bugger old Davey and you used to get a whole lot of good stories out of him when you were kids. I was working in the boning room at Makarewa in those days. Murray Brown, Andy Laidlaw, Ron Mc Ewan and Donny Mc Rae, and all those guys. When the dairy boom happened it made it all worthwhile. I worked through that era and I thought I was going to get out earlier but then something would go wrong and I had to stay another few years.Whether we like it or not the TAB is where the funding for stakes comes from, and the results above show that we are achieving the objective of increased turnover.At the end of the day however, success will be determined by the year end result so the figures will continue to be collected and analysed with programme changes made as appropriate.Some funding changes have been made this season, like on course bulk funding and an equalisation and reduction of TAB race day venue service charges.As a result of these changes the Board is confident that if you exclude the clubs discretionary operational expenditure most if not all will return positive results this year.

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