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Look, this album has nine tracks and that means nine reasons why you definitely need to check this session out. takes the ears to places they haven’t been to before, whilst at the same time there’s aural recognition of what’s going on.

Anouar Brahem has visionised a great album and then gone right ahead and recorded one.

In the final section, ornamental guitar and dreamy horn ostinatos function as pigment intensifiers.

Only sinning for their too short duration, the remaining compositions trigger instant empathy and connection, revealing the strong bond between Kamasi and his peers.

Old men look back; wise men see their past and then walk forward. The oud alone, a desert whispering voice, and then Bates, Holland and De Johnette enter like the evening tide - the swell, then the wave that sweeps all before them.

There’s a classic Dave Holland solo circulating drum beats – for a few minutes it could be any one of those diamond quartets he has led over the last forty years. And underneath Mr Bates is fabulously inspiring; doing what really ace jazz pianists do – setting up the ensemble while at the same time playing their own gobsmacking variant that makes you want to keep pressing the repeat button.

If “” boasts an outlandish, hypnotic intro before settling in a zone dominated by R&B and retro funk. As usual, the melody in the chorus is simple and attractive, a procedure also followed on “”, an unanticipated 100% Brazilian samba song with cuíca sounds included and a hard-driving groove.

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I guess things had to make way for , built on a tightly disguised blues pedal point. Right now it sounds like a career best – but hey, it’s Django Bates, and I could think of a few that come into that category.

He does this with a deep understanding of the past and an eye in the future. In January 2015 I reviewed Rez Abbasi’s acoustic album, track, and set the piece up unplugged.

I’d keep on going back to Mr Abbasi’s acoustic version.

It sparks, yet at the same time I kept hearing an electric guitarist trying to get out.

I independently hunted out his albums here’s the aural proof, Rez Abbasi is one mega serious musician.

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