Updating data in mysql dating baseball bats

The statement below would require that all 4 fields of the specified row be passed to the processing script.Here we also realize the value of including the automatically incremented id field to specify a unique identifier for each row of the birthdays table.

Here is the code for my Edit page: query($sql) or die(mysql_error()); $query=getenv(QUERY_STRING); parse_str($query); //$ud_title = $_POST['Title']; //$ud_pub = $_POST['Publisher']; //$ud_pubdate = $_POST['Publish Date']; //$ud_img = $_POST['Image']; ?

Hi all, I am very new to PHP and MYSQL and have a class assignment I need help with.

I am trying to make a page with an HTML form that will update my MYSQL database.

First look at these short videos: Connect to the database Simple / basic insertion operation Insertion of Records into Database using Forms: PHP & My SQL (important) SELECT / LIST Records From Database Table: PHP & My SQL SELECTING and Displaying Data Security Issue: Make sure not to allow people to explicitly pass random id’s and retrieve and edit/update other’s data.

To solve this issue, you can save the id of the logged in user in a session variable and instead of passing id to we can directly use the id stored in our session variable.

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