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But nothing goes across my desk that Wanda doesn't know about.

Because to me the definition of an affair is anything you can't tell your spouse about, even if it is only having coffee with someone else. Also, if you don't tell, then they imagine the worst." Indeed.

For one thing, he's just had his first major American hit in six years - I Can't Unlove You - and it comes from an equally successful album of "provocative" love songs such as the title track Water and Bridges, in which Rogers addresses the sense of loss a man feels as he reflects upon his girlfriend's abortion earlier in life and yearns for the child that could have been.

Then again, similar "soul-searching" questions arose relatively recently in Rogers's own life when he had to decide whether or not to have a child with his fifth wife, Wanda.

Yet that's when I realised I loved being married so I got married again, almost immediately.

That only lasted three years because we finally realised, 'This isn't right' - and in the end, it was boring for me and for her.

BELIEVE ME, Kenny Rogers will be gleaming almost transcendentally during his forthcoming gig at Ballinlough Castle.

And not just because the sunlight will be bouncing off his white hair!

And the first time I fell in love, we'd already been friends, but then it blossomed into something more.

I became more grown-up - partly because my mother always taught me to respect women - so my first love became my first marriage.

"But that lasted only two years because her mother didn't believe in the marriage and came and took her away from me.

Yet despite being poor, Rogers still had a "fun childhood" - even if it was occasionally blighted by his dad's tendency to drink the housekeeping money. "But, yeah, I did and that was one of the reasons I became a musician at high school. Yet the other reason was that when I was 12 I went to see Ray Charles and I just loved the fact that everybody laughed at his jokes and clapped every time he sang.

But one plus came out of thelatter and Kenny's adolescent desire to be an athlete, and that is the fact that during his "entire lifetime" he hasn't drunk "even a gallon of alcohol! But with five marriages under his belt, in every sense, Kennyobviously became addicted towomen, right? So I decided, 'This is what I want to do in life' - even though I didn't even know if I could sing!

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