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1 December 2013 Between 29 November and 1 December 2013, the Third International Intersex Forum, supported by ILGA and ILGA-Europe, took place in Valletta, Malta.

This event brought together 34 activists representing 30 intersex organisations from all continents.

We affirm that intersex people are real, and we exist in all regions and all countries around the world.

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The Archdiocese of Malta, run by Archbishop Charles Scicluna, took issue with the ad.The group's ad criticizes the country’s two political parties vying for leadership for “incrementally beef[ing] up their standing at the ballot box by promising or enacting gay marriage laws for the 1%.” “Same-sex marriage is unnatural.It runs against natural law as designed by God and handed down to us through every generation in our Maltese history,” states the ad.Don’t compromise your faith at the altar of a diabolical political system.Call the Devil for what he truly is and embrace God instead,” the ad states.

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