Who is ray william johnson dating 2016

Originally, Johnson produced videos out of his New York City apartment, but, in 2011, he signed a deal with Maker Studios to produce videos on set in Culver City, California.

While at Maker Studios, Johnson produced a Spanish-language version of the series, Igual a Tres, and also produced a series of comedic animated music videos on a side channel called "Your Favorite Martian." In October 2012, Johnson announced that he would be leaving Maker Studios, contending that they had been pressuring him to sign a new contract that limited his access to his Ad Sense account and would reportedly take 40% of his earnings from the series.

Ray joined Youtube in 2008, but became more popular in 2009.

If you have been following Ray’s page on different social media sites such as , where he revealed that she was teaching him to sing.He began posting videos on You Tube during college.These videos were standard video blogs that Johnson published on a now-deleted channel.He also mentioned in the video that he met her when he was learning to sing.Not just Ray, even Kelly went ahead and uploaded an image with him and a kitty on her Instagram page with a heart sign on Took Kelly to Disneyland for a day to get away from all the house fire stuff. It sucks I think there is actually more damage to my apartment and my stuff than I had initially thought (smoke damage apparently ruins the circuit boards of electronics).

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