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We know that androgynous Masonry (so named from two Greek words signifying "man" and "woman,") was established in France in 1730, under the name of Adoptive Masonry, and that its Lodges were called adoptive Lodges.These flourished and gained steadily in both numbers and influence until, in 1774 the Grand Orient of France established the Rite of Adoption, and set forth rules and regulations for its government.TO BE the first to enter an unexplored field, and attempt to map out before the understanding of one's readers its various characteristics; to delve below the soil and thus endeavor to discover the hidden sources from which has sprung that which appears upon the surface; and thus to add to the store of knowledge, is no easy task, and requires patient, persevering labor.

We are unable to learn whether the ritual used from 1730 was continued in use, or a new one adopted.

In the history it will be found that while he has made no direct quotations from the present authorized ritual, with one or two minor exceptions, he has quoted, sometimes quite copiously, from rituals that are now obsolete, but in doing so he has carefully avoided incorporating therein anything that might throw any light upon what is the real secret work of the order, and in this respect he believes his work will be found to compare favorably with the Masonic encyclopedias.

He has endeavored, at the same time, to convey to the enlightened reader as full knowledge of the subject in hand as was possible with these limitations.

This is read by the enlightened in the cabalistic motto of the order.

Upon that foundation (honor) stands the following pillars: - to be true; to be aiding; to be counseling; to be loving; to be secret; to be the servant of Jesus Christ.

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