Wsus client not reporting but updating

Because the location of the log on a computer can vary, use the search function to find the relevant log files on your Configuration Manager computers if you need to troubleshoot a specific scenario.The following sections list the log files related to client operations and client installation.The log file for the CIM service of the Configuration Manager client for Linux and UNIX (omiserver.bin).This log file contains information about the ongoing operations of You can use this information to view and monitor Configuration Manager client and server logs for operation details, and to identify error information that might help you troubleshoot any problems.Most processes in Configuration Manager write operational information to a log file that is dedicated to that process.

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An exception to the maximum size and use of the .lo_ file is the client for Linux and UNIX.For information about how the client for Linux and UNIX uses log files, see Manage log files in the client for Linux and UNIX in this topic.To view the logs, use the Configuration Manager log viewer tool CMTrace, located in the \SMSSetup\Tools folder of the Configuration Manager source media.Under normal operating conditions, use the ERROR log level. As the log level is increased from ERROR to WARNING, to INFO, and then to TRACE, a larger log file is created as more data is written to the file.The client for Linux and UNIX does not limit the maximum size of the client log files, nor does the client automatically copy the contents of its files to another file, such as to a .lo_ file.

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