Who is max lloyd jones dating now

Round at Sally's, Tim is wondering what's up with Faye. Sally says there's only one way to find out talk to her.She sends a very reluctant Tim upstairs to have a word but at that moment Faye comes down.

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Before she can pursue that line of conversation, Steph runs in with Gail's shopping from her list, and hands over the change. Why he waits, he and Gary talk about the organic veg supplier for the cafe who's left town. Roy will endeavour to replace, wanting to use someone local. Rita wonders where she got 300 pounds if she doesn't have much money as she'd said.Tim asks Faye what was wrong with her boyfriend mardy-pants'.Faye declares he's not her boyfriend and stomps back upstairs. She's going to meet her mother in the Rovers but Izzy's not going. He thinks the more they all get on, the better and that Linda is the best way to get through to Izzy.She mentions she has to go to Gavin's flat to take delivery of the wedding present. Jenny won't tell her, but assures her she didn't get it off Kevin. The money was to make her go away and she tells her again. Jenny doesn't take the envelope back so Rita tears it up and turns her back. Max comes downstairs still wearing his hat along with his wedding suit.Gail, Audrey and Michael tease him, declaring he can't wear the hat on the big day but he insists he can, Callum bought it! David scolds him for taking his upset out on everyone else. A man comes out of the bedroom and asks who she is and why does she have a key to "his" flat. Tvor Written by Debbie Oates and directed by Duncan Foster Steph is in shock at the sight of the man in the flat. He introduces himself as Gavin, as if she didn't know.

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