Accommodating cuts killeen tx

The first time we ordered, we put our building’s address in and it said delivery was not available.

We traveled from Milwaukee twice in recent weeks and patronized that store, with similar problems both times. The first visit was at the end of October, and we do not have a receipt from that visit. Our receipt shows we ordered at PM, and we knew the closing time was 9 o’clock. My wife and I ordered separately; order 246019, and 246020.I had a huge bread bowl with a side of baguette for lunch.I told an employee who, as someone below very accurate wrote, gave me a blase stare and said nothing.And we regularly buy Panera gift cards for family and friends.Overall, our experience has been good, And we do especially like your seasonal soups, your larger variety of cold teas, and—in the bakery department—cobblestones!

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