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This closure does not affect our thriving Camera 3 and Camera 7 cineplexes.

Im proud to say that Camera Cinemas is one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in the downtown.

The worst aspect of the original Leicaflex was its non-matte focusing screen, which (while bright) could not be focused in non-central areas.

For more information and the continuation of this story, check my Leica R SLR page.Note: Using the text or images on this site in an ebay auction or other site without permission is a violation of your Terms of Service.I will report you to ebay if I discover such a violation taking place. Original Leicaflex (1964-68): Leitz came out with their first SLR in 1964, the original Leicaflex. The lightmeter was an external Cd S cell built into the pentraprism that metered approximately the same view as a 90mm lens.According to Doug Herr on the Leica list, there are some lenses that can't be used on the original Leicaflex and the Leicaflex SL because Leitz changed the mirror clearance distance with the SL2.The incompatible lenses are: You should also not use ROM lenses with the Leicaflex series (original, SL, SL2) because the ROM contacts will get damaged by the Leicaflex cam follower.

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