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I previously was paying about 0 per month for cable TV services.

I called AT&T several times trying to resolve the billing mistake, restore cable-TV service and receive an explanation why my Direc TV account was closed.

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On August 12, 2017 I received an email from my closed Direc TV account confirming my termination and was being charged a termination fee.AT&T charged me activation, reactivation, and installation fees for a new DIRECTV account.AT&T added multiple premium TV channels (Cramming) to the new account. AT&T never obtained my agreement or permission about any account modifications. The original agreement (contract) was to reduce my monthly payment.She stated I would be contacted by the Direc TV manager because she didn’t understand other activities and charges on my account. Reply May I PLEASE have someone from at least middle management contact me about the challenges I have been having with AT&T broadband, Vo IP, and the ugly red headed step-child… I have been quite a happy customer of Direc Tv for 20 years UNTIL the big MOVE!!I did my due diligence, so I thought, to bundle services in order to keep my beloved Direc Tv and unfortunately since August, I have had a NIGHTMARE on my hands!

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