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From this point forward, are you going to make your decisions out of fear or out of love?

I don’t always succeed, but I try like hell to not have my decisions come out of fear.” ICYMI: ESPN suspended Jemele Hill.

David Wheeler, father of Benjamin Wheeler, 6, killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre Somebody set up a couple of fake Twitter accounts for my wife and me, and those were awful.

Of course they latched on right away to the fact that we were once actors to justify their theory.

The various hoaxes earned him about ,000, and his site’s value surged as high as 5,000. So when we hear about things that try to cast a negative light on the election process, it’s kind of sad, and it’s malicious.

The story was debunked by the Franklin County Board of Elections, the Ohio Secretary of State, Snopes, The New York Times, and others. Within 24 hours, we put a release out to all the media contacts. It’s harmful to democracy, regardless of what your politics are.

Twitter has a much more robust end-user agreement regarding truth and transparency [than] You Tube and Facebook, [which] have been much harder.

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The incomprehensible tragedy turned the national conversation once again to gun control.

The story and CTN were both phony, conjured up by 23-year-old Cameron Harris, an aspiring political consultant and Republican legislative aide based in Annapolis, Maryland.

He created the fake site to sell Web ads by spreading anti-Clinton stories he knew would resonate with pro-Trump voters.

Look, he was an actor, that’s the little bit of truth they wrapped around me.

Well, yes, I was, congratulations, you found someone who once was in theater in a town of 28,000 people 65 miles from New York City. We were eventually able to close down the Twitter accounts.

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