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You should sign up for an account to participate in the conversation, as guests are usually banned from typing anything.I also recommend buying a few tokens to have a little fun too if you can afford it. When you do that, I think he’ll probably start to loosen up and start to enjoy his money, which is your role in his life—getting him to enjoy it.

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Your only complaint is that he has taken that to such an extreme after he has already won. I’ve been counseling folks who are married and single for 20 years on finances. If I do anything she says, I could end up like her.” That’s what’s running through his mind. He may not vocalize it, but he’s going, “Gosh, I don’t want to follow any advice she has about money.” When you start being more disciplined and move—not all the way over to his side, not all the way to the dark side—from irresponsibility to responsibility, from disorganization to organization, you’re still going to be a spender by nature.

The thing that he has learned that most Americans haven’t learned—that you keep saying makes him a great guy—is he’s learned to delay pleasure, to sacrifice in order to win. Let me tell you what normally happens in marriages. You need to come out of the cave on something other than triple-coupon Thursday. I think that he loosens up about two notches over, but I think your credibility to get him to do that with the way you run your life is very low because when he sees you suggesting that, he says, “Wow!

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There are different games and “apps” models can set up to reward tippers.

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