Adult dating manila

Other descriptions cited the “Trump lifestyle,” while the Trumps appeared in videos talking up the bona fides of their business partner and his work.“You're not going to see a better-appointed building than this one,” Ivanka Trump said in an eight-minute video she narrated, adding that the developer is “one of the most innovative real estate firms in Asia”.

The site also included promotions for Ivanka Trump's jewellery collection, with blurbs describing her as a “scion of brand sophistication”.“It's always a great thing when you can take a friendship and then turn it into a great business relationship,” Donald Trump Jr.- the president's oldest son, who now runs the family company - told ANC.The relationship between the Antonios and the Trumps goes back at least a decade, when Jose Antonio dispatched his son, a company managing director, to Manhattan to oversee the development of a luxury condominium on West 56th Street near Trump Tower.Robbie Antonio took the opportunity to get to know the Trumps, meeting first with Ivanka at her office, he told the Philippine network ANC in an interview. “At the right juncture, I called them up to discuss a deal in Manila, and they were very excited by the project and the location, and they wanted something significant,” Antonio told the network.

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