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The first cave lion skull was discovered in the cave of Franconia in Germany at the basin of the Rhine in 1810, which is why the species was called the cave lion, although the animals lived in the open expanses of the tundra as well. 16, 2015 photo provided by the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha, Yakov Androsov, a researcher, right, and his assistant show the body of a cave lion during a presentation at the regional Academy of Sciences at the Kingdom of Permafrost museum in Yakutsk, 4,900 kilometers (3,000 miles) east of Moscow "The cave lion was slightly larger than the modern one, but it didn't have a mane.There was no tassel at the end of the tail like the one modern African lions have," the scientist said.In the late 1990s, Japanese specialists conducted an experiment within a project called "The Revival of the Mammoth": they froze a spermatozoon from a modern-day bull and, four years later, defrosted it and fertilized a cow, which then gave birth to a healthy calf."So, the scientists decided to find the spermatozoa of a woolly mammoth and fertilize them with the Asian (Indian) elephant.In the Late Pleistocene period, this beast had no rivals: bears, wolves and other predators provided him with no significant competition.According to Plotnikov, the cave lions mostly fed on reindeer, noble deer, young mammoths, wild horses and muskoxen, and most likely led a solitary life.The automobile was first and foremost among these products.

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Flapper women strove to eliminate double standard values.

The Harlem Renaissance brought a new form of entertainment.

The sounds of jazz bands had appeal that transcended African American audiences, as thousands flocked to hear the new sounds.

"Theoretically, cloning can be conducted but it is almost impossible to bring back an extinct animal [that way]," Plotnikov admitted.

The scientist also revealed that some countries, including the US, are working on restoring the genome of a woolly mammoth with the help of the Asian elephant, which is the closest relative of the extinct species.

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