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I believed then, as I believe still, that progress and development will sputter if criminals, illegal drugs, illegal users of drugs are allowed to roam the streets freely, victimizing, seemingly with impunity, the innocent and the helpless. Iyon nandito ’yan, tinatakot nila dito because of the high-rise buildings and…

Worse yet, there were times in the past when the protectors of the people were themselves the perpetrators of the very crimes they were tasked to prevent or suppress. I have learned that economy surges only when there is peace and order prevailing in places where investors can pour [in] their capital and expertise. Then I will think of something that will compensate or make up for the damage or at least the income restored.

SSS online account and responds immediately to their requests.

If you’ve been rejected by SSS because your Employer did not respond to their request, I suggest that after you submitted your second SSS Salary Loan Application online, notify your Company department that handles the Employee benefits/SSS Loans or Company Certification.

If you’re not sure if you’re eligible or not, you can try two things: Know the things about the requirements on how to apply for a SSS Short term / Salary loan before applying your SSS Salary Loan online or you can simply proceed on applying for your SSS salary loan online.This means that you can apply for SSS Salary loan on the go, making the process even easier than before. SSS online inquiry account, you need to register for a My. Once logged in, the website will display its Main Menu where you can see important links.To start making you SSS Salary loan online, you need to log in to your My. SSS online account to be able to apply for SSS Salary Loan online. SSS online inquiry account, you are required to provide some personal detail especially your SSS number as well as your Employer’s SSS Number. In the left side of you screen, click on the TRANSACTION and click again the Salary Loan Application.Please take note of your transaction number XX-XXXXXXXXX-X.To explain this part further, your employer will be contacted by a SSS through their SSS Employer online account (if they have one) or any manner they prefer to verify if you are an existing employee of their company.

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