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Throughout the 90's, Touch and Go expanded its staff and capacities in an effort to always be the best it could be for the bands and labels it felt so privileged to be associated with.All the hard work paid off, and during the '90s, T&G had the good fortune to be involved with albums by Shellac, Blonde Redhead, The Black Heart Procession, Girls Against Boys, Arcwelder, Dirty Three, Don Caballero, Brick Layer Cake, Seam, Man... , The Delta 72, Brainiac, Storm and Stress, and many others.

At the same time Touch and Go was expanding, Corey and Lisa also started an all ages club in Detroit called the Graystone.It was perfect timing, as the 2000s brought more great bands and labels to T&G.Bands such as Coco Rosie, Enon, Nina Nastasia, Quasi, Pinback, Supersystem, The EX, The New Year, TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and !!! View all artists from this label Touch and Go Records came into existence (sort of) in late 1980, when the Ohio punk band Necros decided they wanted to put out a 7" record.In 1983, Corey left the Necros, and together with his wife and partner in Touch and Go (Lisa Rusk), relocated the label to an apartment in Detroit, Michigan.Touch and Go began to move beyond the hardcore genre, while also increasing the frequency of its release schedule.

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