Ampeg svt serial number dating

) Name- (forum name)*: BLUES HARP MAN Location: Mc Henry, IL.

Y Amp Model: AD15/12 Serial Number: 224 Date finished: (Need a finish date) Name: Sooner Location: Texas Amp Model: OR-AD15-12 Serial Number: 001 (Nov/5/98) Name: Electric Warrior Location: na Amp Model: AD-15/12 Serial Number: OR-12/127/399 Name: Michael (clingfreeze) Location: Arbon, Switzerland Amp Model: AD15/12 (rare in black tolex) Serial Number: AD1512-1238-03-03-B Date finished: 03-03 ??

Name: David Wikstrom (Orphin) Location: Karlstad, Sweden Amp Model: OR ST Serial Number: 003 Date finished: ~1968-70 Name: Mark Silk Location: Newbury England Amp Model: Orange matamp Serial Number: St 003 Date finished: ~1969 Name: Tossetk Location: Sweden Amp Model: Orange matamp serial number OR ST 016 Forum name: Spiderbaby Location: Portugal Orange ORS 100 Serial No 9056 Name- (forum name)*: Jean-Christophe Location: BRUNOY 91800 ( Near PARIS FRANCE) Amp Model: ORST Serial Number: 98 Date finished (if known**):1968?

Name- Matt N: Location: Eastbourne - England Amp Model: OR80 Serial Number: 710 Date finished - dont know Name- (forum name)*: Rich (autopilot) Location: USA, WA Amp Model: OR-80 Serial Number: 13244 (Head), 61881 (Cab) Date finished (assumption based on serials): Early 1976 (Have not looked for any date codes.) Note: Cab is covered in black tolex, not orange Name- maxelg Location: Spencer, Iowa USA Amp Model: OR80 Serial Number: 11847 Date finished : ?

Email BILLY [email protected] heading with ORANGE (something along those lines) the Orange model number (AD30, Rockerverb 50, OR80M, speaker model, reverb, drums, etc..) Your Orange amp forum name (If you are a member here), and/or real name.

If you are not a member here you can still email Billy the information if you would like. (exact address isn't needed, OR wanted..a general idea) EX: city,state.

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