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:: Experience working with and troubleshooting core networking infrastructure technologies such as name resolution, IP Addressing, Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).:: Experience working hands on with Windows Client operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.Windows updates should generally be scheduled using group policy.However, should you need to apply a Windows update manually, follow the steps below.In late October, Microsoft explained in a "Patching with Windows Server 2016" blog post that the server is getting basically two types of cumulative updates each month.

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As part of the learning experience, you will perform hands-on exercises in a virtual lab environment.

This will mean that your server is patched and any issues that have already been resolved by a patch from Microsoft will not happen.

Microsoft has added Windows Update to its emerging Server Management Tools, which are currently available at the preview stage.

Server Management Tools are a bunch of solutions that are particularly designed for managing headless servers, such as Microsoft's new Nano Server option, but they can also be used to manage Windows Server or the small-footprint Server Core deployment option.

Nano Server is yet another deployment option for the emerging Windows Server 2016 product that's said to be 20 times smaller than Server Core.

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