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Our son, Matt Hall has some very awestruck parents and quite a fan following as he competed in the Yukon Quest 1000 mile Dog Sled Race. Facebook Here are the links to his finish line interviews on YOU TUBE and YUAC!Youtube KUAC Matt has a website going as he starts preparing for racing. Wayne is not too impressed with the gift the dogs gave him...Wayne and I were able to break away for 2 days and see him finish and achieve one of his dreams. Their winter season is closing and the new spring awaits. The final day of the expedition for the international gentlemen and the Bush Alaska Expeditions Sled Dogs. On Sunday we spent the night at Wayne’s Cabin and set off for the final 7 miles Monday morning.

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His videos covers so much of what happens while on tour with us and a segment of the Eagle Checkpoint during the Yukon Quest 2014 Dog Sled Race and our son, Matt Hall's race.

"Twenty-four Feet Across the Yukon" "A Quest for Adventure" Check out the caribou migration crossing the Yukon near our homestead on our About Us & Blog page.

At the beginning I thought we only had a 50/50 chance of achieving the journey, not achieved since 1905. Tim Oakley, Wayne Hall, Earl Rolf, Tim Graham Happy gentlemen on arrival Lefty very happy in her straw bed Nenana relaxing on top of her dog house ABOUT THE EXPEDITION Starting in February 2016 the expedition will take approximately 40 days.

It has been interesting and hard but we’ve had good dogs, a good team and the careful planning paid off. March 28 is the culmanation of the dreams of Tim Oakley and Wayne Hall... In Amundsen's Footsteps team the gentlemen and happy dogs have reached the starting point and will arrive in Eagle tomorrow. This will be a team of three people and 22 sled dogs.

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