Sophos updating

This is the service we need to edit to remove TLSv1 support.

The above documentation talks about hwo to go about logging into the command line on a Sophos UTM9, so I won't repeat it.

I’m aware of how easy it is to get sucked into whatever it is you’re doing but we can’t protect things that you haven’t saved.

Saving things regularly, to the appropriate place – such as network drives – ensures that the data you have is secure in the event that your laptop is stolen.

This time, it tried out its Google Translate Spanish: Whenever stories like this emerge we ask ourselves: is it real or could it be a hoax?

It only took a minute before her chatty hacker was back—well, if not the bonjour guy, then another guy, who knows?

Nobody else should be using your login either, no matter if it’s a colleague sending a joke email in your name when you go for a coffee or a rogue employee rifling through your stuff for confidential information.

Sadly there are people out there who get a kick out of spying on strangers and there is a trove of easily discovered, poorly secured cameras for them to peek through.

It wouldn’t be the first time that an unsecured webcam has started swivelling around on its own, nor the first time somebody’s privacy has been invaded by an idiot spitting base insults through one.

If you use your work computer, email or phone for personal stuff, for e Bay, Pay Pal, adult websites (it happens), pictures of your kids and pets, or anything else, it won’t be there if you leave the company.

As an IT professional the first thing I’ll do after revoking your access is to wipe your stuff, poof, gone!

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