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Sinds vandaag is het dan ook mogelijk om te videobellen, à la Skype, Whats App of Hangouts.

Je kunt tot 50 mensen toevoegen aan een groepsgesprek.

I'm trying to realize a simple 2-peers videochat on an internal network for my workplace.

We hebben er dus weer een concurrent bij voor Snapchat, Skype, Whats App, Hangouts, en ga zo maar door.

I am currently developing a web app (using Spring MVC) in which i want to add 1 vs 1 video calls.

I know web RTC and many APIs based on that like: twilio, tokbox, agora io etc. I am currently developing an i OS application which requires users to join video chat rooms, very similar to how Houseparty and Airtime works.

Messenger is via onderstaande knop te downloaden of bij te werken.

I say "without" using webrtc because, webrtc currently supports very few codecs, I would like to make a videochat using a custom or experimental codecs, so I'm starting with implementing basic udp ...

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